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Wear. Spark. Heal.  The INDA Pipe Necklace is an INDA Creations limited edition, the first fashion-forward tool for discreet self-healing of it’s kind. Designed by founder Caroline Mauro, this unique necklace piece hangs on a vintage brass snake chain and transforms into a working smoking pipe, best paired with our 100% legal herbal and floral blends (perfect for prohibition states).  

Designed by founder, made in Vermont, and hand-assembled with love, the INDA Pipe Necklace is a companion for everything from on-the-go adventures to everyday soul searches in the woods or on the beach. Perfect for rituals and healing ceremonies, the INDA Pipe Necklace is a statement of energetic intentions with real-world practicality.

Carry this emblem of protection and healing with you, wherever your journey may lead.  Each piece comes with a Strike Spark Heal INDA Matchbook and mini hand stamped INDA pouch.

Pair the INDA Pipe Necklace with our 100% legal herbal and floral blends.

- 200 Piece Limited Edition

- Designed by Inda Creations

- Made in Vermont, USA

- Hand-Assembled with Love


Made of raw brass. Designed to change color (wears into a vintage brass) over time and with use.

To transform the necklace into a working smoking pipe, simply unscrew both end caps and pack legal herb and flower blends into the top hollow chamber. Apply light to the packed end while drawing air through the mouthpiece at the other end.

Up to eight uses per herbal pack. Piece heats up after use, handle with care.

Regularly check end caps to secure tightness after each use. We designed the piece to fit most pipe cleaners, and recommend Dill’s Bristle Premium Pipe cleaners.


Disclaimer: For legal use only. You must be 18 years or older to purchase this item. By purchasing it you are acknowledging that you are at least 18 years old. Intended for recreational + ritual use by responsible adults. Not recommended for internal use by pregnant + nursing women. Inda Creations will not be held responsible for any consequences that may result from using this product. Use with care at your own risk.

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INDA Creations, is a handmade jewelry and holistic healing company.  INDA aims to enhance and amplify the wellness journey with tools for healing and symbols of self-care, inspired by Mother Earth.  

"I wanted to design something discrete that women could use and enjoy when consciously consuming. Most of the products I saw targeted male consumers, lacked sophistication and catered to growers, stoners and industry experts only. How was it that 40% of cannabis users are female but there were hardly any products that spoke to us? I wanted to solve this problem by creating a functional, feminine, fashionable product that supported women in their every day use. I am so thrilled to be a part of the movement of empowering women in their cannabis journeys and creating a new kind of cannabis culture supporting women."